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Rowdy Crowd Clothing

Enchantment Tee

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 75% Polyester 20% Rayon 5% Spandex

Distressed collar bone detailing,

with embroidered patchwork on the back.



Body  length (from HPS to edge)- 68.5cm

Across shoulder- 46.5cm

Chest width (below armhole)-52cm

Waist width- 52.5cm

Bottom sweep-53cm

Sleeve length (measure from shoulder seam)- 18.3cm

Bicep-below armhole- 19cm

Sleeve opening- 18.3cm

Central back length- 65.6cm

Armhole - curve- 21.3cm

Neck width- 23cm


Body  length (from HPS to edge)- 70cm

Across shoulder- 48.5cm

Chest width (below armhole)-55cm

Waist width- 55.5cm

Bottom sweep-56cm

Sleeve length (measure from shoulder seam)- 19cm

Bicep-below armhole- 20cm

Sleeve opening- 19cm

Central back length- 67cm

Armhole - curve- 22.5cm

Neck width- 23.5cm


Body  length (from HPS to edge)- 71.5cm

Across shoulder- 50.5cm

Chest width (below armhole)-58cm

Waist width- 58.5cm

Bottom sweep-59cm

Sleeve length (measure from shoulder seam)- 19.6cm

Bicep-below armhole- 21cm

Sleeve opening- 19.7cm

Central back length- 68.3cm

Armhole - curve- 23.6cm

Neck width- 24cm


Body  length (from HPS to edge)- 74.5cm

Across shoulder- 54.5cm

Chest width (below armhole)-64cm

Waist width- 64.5cm

Bottom sweep-65cm

Sleeve length (measure from shoulder seam)- 21cm

Bicep-below armhole- 22.8cm

Sleeve opening- 21.2cm

Central back length- 71cm

Armhole - curve- 26cm

Neck width- 25cm


Body  length (from HPS to edge)- 76cm

Across shoulder- 56.5cm

Chest width (below armhole)-67cm

Waist width- 67.5cm

Bottom sweep-68cm

Sleeve length (measure from shoulder seam)- 21.5cm

Bicep-below armhole- 23.8cm

Sleeve opening- 22cm

Central back length- 72.4cm

Armhole - curve- 27.1cm

Neck width- 25.5cm


Body  length (from HPS to edge)- 77.5cm

Across shoulder- 58.5cm

Chest width (below armhole)-70cm

Waist width- 70.5cm

Bottom sweep-71cm

Sleeve length (measure from shoulder seam)- 22.2cm

Bicep-below armhole- 24.8cm

Sleeve opening- 22.7cm

Central back length- 73.7cm

Armhole - curve- 28.2cm

Neck width- 26cm


Dates will be set soon for pick-up locations as needed.

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